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iSpyoo is compatible with most Android or iOS devices. It does not support Windows or Blackberry phones. In short, it is compatible with any carrier is offering open GPRS internet access.


iSpyoo is available in 3 different packages. The higher the package you choose, the better features you will get.

  • Basic: $19.99/month
  • Premium: $23.99/month
  • Gold: $25.99/month

Instead of paying a monthly subscription, you can also buy for 3-months, 6 and 1-year subscription according to your budget.


  • To use some of the features in premium and gold membership, you will have to root your device.
  • Jailbreaking is required for iPhone monitoring
  • There is limited support for compatible devices
  • Their customer support is not reliable. They don’t answer any emails and almost no one is there to help you at their live chat support either. There is no phone support either.

Rating: 7.5/10

Comment fonctionnent les logiciels de surveillance pour téléphone portable ?

Un logiciel espion est capable d’espionner la totalité du téléphone d’une personne à distance en étant imperceptible, c’est-à-dire 100% invisible et discret. Dans un premier temps, il faut installer le logiciel espion manuellement, en ayant physiquement en main le smartphone cible. Cela signifie qu’il faut :

  • Pouvoir s’isoler avec le portable que vous allez espionner pendant quelques minutes,
  • Connaître le code ou le schéma pour déverrouiller le téléphone,
  • Débrider le téléphone cible: le jailbreaker si c’est un iPhone ; le rooter si c’est un appareil Android. Cette étape n’est pas toujours obligatoire, mais elle est vivement recommandée pour pouvoir pleinement exploiter les capacités du logiciel espion iPhone et Android mSpy. Vous pourrez donc ainsi espionner la totalité du téléphone, et vous assurer un contrôle parental complet et efficace. De nombreux tutos existent sur Internet pour vous aider dans cette manipulation.

Une fois le programme espion installé manuellement sur le smartphone cible, vous pouvez configurer l’espionnage voulu en vous connectant à un espace personnel qui vous est dédié et dont vous seul possédez les informations de connexion (identifiant et mot de passe). Cet espace personnel est ensuite accessible depuis n’importe quel appareil équipé d’Internet : vous n’aurez donc pas besoin de reprendre en main le smartphone surveillé pour consulter les rapports d’espionnage. Vous pouvez le faire depuis votre téléphone personnel ou depuis n’importe quel ordinateur.

Lorsque vous avez choisi les programmes à espionner, le logiciel espion fonctionne en arrière-plan du portable, et permet un espionnage à distance de nombreuses applications. Les meilleurs logiciels d’espionnage téléphonique travaillent de façon complètement invisible. Il n’y a pas d’icône représentant l’appli espion sur le bureau du téléphone ni aucune trace visible dans la liste des applications en fonctionnement : le logiciel de surveillance est indétectable. A partir de ce moment, vous pouvez par exemple surveiller l’activité de votre enfant sur les réseaux sociaux ou les contacts de vos employés avec les personnes extérieures à votre entreprise.

Cell Phone Monitoring Software: Benefits

As it was already mentioned, the most reliable way to protect kids when they use their electronic devices is to use cell phone monitoring for kid`s devices.

There is a cell phone monitoring without installation and with the installation. Parents can choose the app according to their preferences. Cell phone monitoring without installation is a perfect choice for parents who want to stay on the top of their kid`s online activities without accessing their kid`s device physically.

Cell phone monitoring software for parents enables target device monitoring at any time from any device and provides parents with such options:

  • target device remote observation and real-time GPS location on the detailed map;
  • all incoming and outgoing calls and blocks the unwanted callers;
  • cell phone text monitoring, including sent, received and deleted ones;
  • marking safe and dangerous zones and getting notifications every time when kid breaches them;
  • remote monitoring of the browsing history and unwanted sites filtering;
  • age-inappropriate sites and apps blocking;
  • all incoming and outgoing emails;
  • Instant messengers (like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Kik, Instagram);
  • Dangerous keyword alerts;

All the mentioned features are available in mSpy best child cell phone monitoring app. mSpy is cell phone monitoring for android and cell phone monitoring for iPhone. mSpy also supports cell phone monitoring without access to the target phone. To learn more about monitoring software, visit mSpy.com.


Appmia is another worthy addition to the 10 best mobile spy apps for 2020 with its one-time license, ability to monitor two devices at a time, and free upgrades. If you have basic monitoring needs such as call and text message monitoring, location tracking, and access to calendar and address book, Appmia is a good choice.


You can monitor a variety of devices with Appmia. Appmia lets you monitor Android devices, iPads, iPhones along with some versions of Nokia Symbian devices and Blackberry phones.

  • Android versions: Supports devices up to 5.1.1. Lollipop
  • Apple version: Supports devices up to iOS 9.0.x
  • Nokia Symbian: Anna + Belle versions
  • BlackBerry: Supports devices up to 7.1.

Note: The features and functionality varies for each device so, it is better to consult the official website to check the compatibility and access of features.

Appmia is an expensive app.

  • Premium Version: $194.99/year
  • Lifetime Version: $699.99/year (for two devices)


  • Appmia gives you free upgrades
  • You can track two devices at once.
  • The app remains completely hidden.
  • Appmia supports an impressive variety of mobile platforms.


  • You are not provided with blocking options.
  • The app supports limited models of Symbian and BlackBerry phones.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • Unlike other apps, you cannot remotely wipe off data from the monitored device.

Rating: 6.7 /10

What You Should Know about the mSpy Android Tracker

  1. mSpy is a sophisticated spy app for Android that gives its users an opportunity to monitor another person’s cell phone remotely. For example, parents use this software to protect their underage children from online dangers while business owners track their employees’ activity during working hours. What’s more, being multi-functional, this Android tracker is very easy to use and install, and requires just a few minutes to start monitoring a target device.

  2. What features does this Android spy app provide?

    The list of available features can impress even the most demanding customer. From GPS location and call logs to website blocking and instant messages monitoring, mSpy is a full-featured Android monitoring app that makes other spyware for Android options seem pointless.

    In fact, some of the so-called best spy apps for Android keep their negative points hidden. For example, they might claim to let you monitor your kid’s conversations, but only allow you to see their text messages, leaving out other instant messengers. Or they might offer you a million and one features, but require that your child gets notified when you’re monitoring them.

  3. Who needs an Android tracker?

    Hidden Android spy apps are in high demand. But not everyone can use them. In fact, there are really only two main groups of people who can legally use Android spy apps like the mSpy Android tracker app. One of them is definitely parents striving to protect their kids, both online and offline. With the help of this powerful monitoring app, they have the ability to track their child’s current location, block age-inappropriate web content and applications, read their SMS and instant messages, view photos and videos stored on the target device, and ensure their kids are living their digital lives as safely as possible.

    The second group of people who can legally use an Android tracker is business owners. mSpy phone tracker for Android is an excellent tool for monitoring employees’ efficiency and productivity, checking whether the company-owned devices are used as intended, and even uncovering industrial espionage and data leakage!

    If you plan to use a tracking app for Android to keep tabs on someone other than your kids or employees, you must inform the owner of the device you’re tracking that you intend to install and use spy software for Android. In other words, you can only monitor those devices that are yours, like those that are used by your kids (who are minors) or employees during their working hours.

  4. If you’re in doubt about whether a tracking app for Android is something that you can legally have in your monitoring arsenal, always consult a legal expert in your area. They’ll know best.

  5. What are the requirements for Android smartphones and tablets?

    Once you decide to use an mSpy Android tracker, make sure it’s compatible with the target device. So before you get going, make sure you meet the following requirements:

    • The target phone or tablet should be running Android 4+;
    • You need physical access to the target device to install the tracking app;
    • The monitored phone or tablet should be connected to the Internet;

    Keep in mind that tracking of instant messengers (Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, Snapchat, etc.), as well as some other features, requires rooting the target device. But don’t worry. This doesn’t have to be a complex process. In fact, mSpy experts are standing by to walk you through the process so that you can get down to business using the spy app for Android.

    After the tracking app for Android is installed, you no longer need physical access to the monitored device. With mSpy installed, call logs, web history, and other data collected from the target phone or tablet will be sent to your online Control Panel so that you can access them anytime and anywhere you want. And the app stays hidden on their phone, so your kid won’t know it’s there. All you need is a device connected to the Internet. The spy software for Android really is that powerful.

  6. Is this spyware for Android safe?

    You’ve probably heard the term spyware used by antivirus companies. It’s usually used in a negative context, like a company installing a spy app for Android on your device without you knowing.

    Yes, that kind of spyware isn’t good. But an Android spy app like mSpy is different. It legally allows you to monitor your kid or employee. You have the power to install it and make a choice to do so. That’s much different than visiting a site and being tricked into downloading an app designed to steal your information.


Get alerts on unapproved smartphone activities.

This special feature will give you alerts when your child conducts some prohibited actions on the monitored smartphone. The Profanity alert will give you details about when profane language is typed or viewed. Geo-Fencing lets you to set perimeters that you don’t want the device to travel beyond. Contact alerts let you know when they call or text the contacts that you select.

The Intrusion alerts inform you when the wrong PIN number or SMS command is entered on the device. And finally you can set up Custom alerts that will inform you whenever the keywords you entered are used or received on the smartphone.

Quels fonctionnalités possède le logiciel espion mSpy ?

Il existe plusieurs logiciels espions sur le marché et les services qu’ils proposent ne sont pas toujours équivalents lorsque l’on compare ces différents produits. En consultant les avis des utilisateurs, les comparateurs, mais aussi en effectuant nos propres tests, il ressort que le meilleur logiciel espion pour téléphones est actuellement mSpy.

Il propose de loin les meilleures fonctionnalités en matière d’espionnage téléphonique, car il permet de:

  • Lire tous les messages envoyés, reçus sur le téléphone, et même ceux qui ont été supprimés
  • Surveiller les appels entrants ou entrants et rejeter les appels indésirables,
  • Voir la date et la durée des appels dans le journal d’appel,
  • Lire les emails envoyés ou reçus,
  • Espionner les applications de messageries instantanées, parmi lesquelles Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Kik, Line, ou encore Viber…
  • Surveiller l’activité de votre cible sur les réseaux sociaux : Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat…
  • Tracer en temps réel la position GPS du téléphone,
  • Définir géographiquement des zones de sécurité et des zones de danger, et ainsi recevoir des alertes lorsque vos enfants entrent dans l’une de ces zones,
  • Surveiller l’historique Internet du téléphone cible et les sites classés en marque-pages,
  • Traquer les sites Internet visités et bloquer les sites pour adultes,
  • Voir la liste des applications installées et bloquer celles considérées comme dangereuses,
  • Voir le calendrier et la liste de contacts du répertoire du smartphone cible,
  • Recevoir des alertes lorsque vos enfants tapent ou reçoivent certains mots-clés,
  • Surveiller tout ce que votre enfant tape sur son clavier et donc voir ses mots de passe ou ses brouillons non envoyés grâce à la fonction keylogger,
  • Traquer les réseaux Wi-Fi utilisés…

Comme vous le voyez, la liste des possibilités qu’offre le logiciel pour espionner un téléphone mSpy est impressionnante. Avec ses options d’intervention à distance, comme le fait de pouvoir rejeter un appel ou bloquer une application en temps réel, cette application de surveillance à distance vous offre la possibilité de contrôler le téléphone ciblé simplement avec le vôtre. Le logiciel de surveillance mSpy est donc une solution fiable et efficace pour les parents qui souhaitent espionner le téléphone de leur enfant à distance sans se faire prendre la main dans le sac.

mSpy для Компьютера 2.3.0: нарушение «частного режима»

Мониторинг деятельности настольных компьютеров, предложенных MSPY контролирует все действия на целевом ПК или Mac, а именно:

Деятельность  Keylogger

Электронные письма

Открытые или закрытые сессиии

Установленные приложения

Использованные веб-браузеры и время использования

С помощью этих функций для ПК или Mac, ответственный родитель обеспокоенный о  онлайн деятельности своего ребенка, будет иметь доступ к подробному обзору веб-деятельности и технологии в целом. Вся деятельность, контролируемая MSPY сохраняется в MSPY аккаунте, через приборную панель.

Функция веб-браузер

Эта функция позволяет контролировать и идентифицировать различные приложения, используемые на целевом компьютере. Узнайте, какие браузеры используются и сколько времени было потрачено на каждый из них. Данные доступны в любое время, на приборной панели MSPY.

Чем полезна эта функция?

Интернет-безопасность является вопросом, вызывающим серьезную озабоченность. Работодатель, родитель, и даже для себя, с миллионами возможностей, предлагаемых через Интернет или из-за всех этих веб-сайтов, отображающих нежелательный контент, становится необходимым использовать программное обеспечение для мониторинга деятельности,  офисного ноутбука или ПК.

Что делать, если активирован «приватный» режим? Работает ли MSPY в данном случае?

С  MSPY частные режимы Chrome и Firefox больше не «инкогнито». 

Пользователь ПК может легко включить функцию «приватный режим» (или инкогнито). Часто, это делается, чтобы лучше защитить и обезопасить свои данные, но иногда в для менее безобидной цели. Так что же будет, если активировать приватный режим?

Отныне MSPY предлагает версию 2.3.0 для ОС Windows и Mac OS. Эта обновленная версия для компьютеров, может отслеживать даже браузеры, которые работают в режиме «Инкогнито» или «частном режиме». Таким образом, вы можете продолжать следить за веб-деятельностью всех наиболее популярных браузеров.

Эта MSPY версия для компьютеров, также может контролировать историю браузера и закладок: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, включая Edge, опять же, если активен режим «инкогнито»..

Версия MSPY 2.3.0 для ПК также совместима с Windows 10 и Mac OS X El Capitan.

Резюме версии 2.3.0 + функции:

Мониторинг веб-браузеров, даже при активном приватном режиме Мониторинг фаворитов и истории веб-поиска, даже если активен частный режим Оптимальная совместимость Функция Keylogger функция скрин-шот функция электронной почты Функция установленных приложений

Disfrute de Funciones Avanzadas de Monitorización.

Registros de Llamadas

Vea todas las llamadas entrantes/salientes con la información del contacto, marca de tiempo y la duración de la llamada.

Mensajes de Textos

Lea todos los mensajes de texto recibidos/enviados incluso después de que hayan sido borrados del dispositivo.

Ubicaciones GPS

Vea la ubicación actual del dispositivo y su historial de ubicaciones.

Historial Web

Chequee el historial de navegación del dispositivo, incluyendo búsquedas hechas en modo de incógnito.

Mensajería En Línea

Acceda a los chats de todas las redes sociales como WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Telegram, etc

Redes Sociales

Vea todas las actividades en las aplicaciones sociales como Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, etc

Archivos Multimedia

Vea fotos, videos y otros archivos compartidos o almacenados en el dispositivo

Otra Información

Obtenga información sobre las aplicaciones instaladas, actividades programadas, correos y más

3-ий раунд – Мониторинг службы мгновенных сообщений

Мгновенные сообщения становятся все более популярными, особенно среди молодежи. В наши дни существует много доступных мессенджеров, и у каждого есть свои особенности и уникальные функции. Одна из причин, по которой эти приложения так широко используются в том, что нет необходимости платить за смс, и они более гибкие. С мессенджерами (IM), вы можете общаться в режиме реального времени, обмениваться мультимедийными файлами и участвовать в групповых чатах.Мессенджеры также являются идеальным способом тайного общения. Если ваш ребенок занимается сомнительной деятельностью, велик шанс, что он использует службу мгновенного обмена сообщениями, чтобы скрыть от вас некоторые вещи. То же самое касается сотрудников, которые тратят время компании на болтовню с друзьями.Мобильное приложение-шпион является лучшим способом узнать, что обсуждается и чем обмениваются через мессенджеры. Поэтому давайте посмотрим, как наши два конкурента справляются с мониторингом мессенджеров.mSpy – С mSpy у вас будет возможность контролировать мгновенные сообщения, отправленные и полученные на Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, мессенджерах социальных сетей и Viber. Это некоторые из наиболее широко используемых платформ для мессенджеров, так что этого может быть достаточно для эффективного мониторинга мгновенных сообщений вашего целевого пользователя. Как работает mSpy по сравнению с FlexiSPY в этом отношении?FlexiSPY – С FlexiSPY вы сможете следить за Facebook, iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Gtalk, BBM чаты и сообщениями на BlackBerry PIN. Так как Viber и Whatsapp являются двумя самыми популярными приложениями для обмена мгновенных сообщений (особенно среди молодежи), любой из этих шпионских приложений может подойти вам.Но если вы не уверены, к какому мессенджеру благосклонен ваш целевой пользователь, или если вы знаете, что он использует, например, Facebook – тогда FlexiSPY может стать лучшим выбором. Учитывая все обстоятельства, FlexiSPY имеет небольшое преимущество в мониторинге мессенджеров.Решение 3-го раунда: небольшое преимущество FlexiSPY.Пока FlexiSPY лидирует, но матч еще не закончился. На подходе 4-ый раунд, и пока нет явного победителя, так что оставайтесь на своих местах, дамы и господа!

Best Parental Control App for iPhone to Protect Your Kid’s and Family

mSpy is the best parental control for iPhone because it doesn’t require physical access to monitor your kid’s device. All you need is to know iCloud credentials of your kid’s device. Things you need to know before starting with mSpy parental control on iPhone:

  • iCloud backup should be turned on your kid’s device;
  • Two-Factor verification should be turned off on your kid’s device;
  • Your target device should be connected to the Internet;
  • The app supports all IOS versions;

Features of mSpy Parental Control for iPhone

mSpy parental control software for iPhone has the following features:

  • Contacts
  • SMS
  • iMessages
  • Call Registration
  • Browser History
  • Installed Apps
  • Calendar
  • Wi-Fi Networks
  • WhatsApp (text)

What parents can check with mSpy on Facebook Messenger app?

mSpy is a reliable tool which helps parents in getting control over their kid’s Facebook usage and allows to perform the following actions:

  • Browse through all Facebook Messages

    Monitor all incoming/outgoing chats to act immediately if something goes wrong.

  • View group chats

    Read with whom your kid is texting via group chats to prevent unwanted exposure.

  • Look through timestamps

    View the date and time of each sent and received a text on Facebook with mSpy.

  • Look through people behind contacts

    Know who your kid communicates with on the Facebook.

Besides, mSpy also lets parents monitor the other online activities taking place on the monitored device, including text, calls, GPS location, browsing history and such instant messengers as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Telegram, etc.

So, for parents of a teen, it is compulsory to keep a watchful eye on their kid’s smartphone activities. Do you know what your kid is sharing online? Or with whom they are talking? Using mSpy you may answer all your questions and prevent unwanted interactions.

compatible with:

  • iOS 7 — 8.4; 9.0 — 9.1 Jailbreak needed
  • Android 4+ Rooting needed

Available in:

Premium package

Get all your most valued features in the advanced monitoring option.

Learn more

Why Is mSpy the Best Hidden Spy App for Android?

As practice shows, once you start looking for a reliable phone tracker for Android, you’ll find lots of free Android spy apps available online. However, please note that none of them can provide you with all of the features you expect to get out of an Android phone tracker.

The most that can be expected from any free Android phone tracker is the ability to set certain time restrictions for Internet use and to monitor your child’s website history and installed applications with basic blocking features. While this may seem like it’s comprehensive enough for protecting pre-tweens, a free Android spy app is pretty much useless for parents of older children, and even more so for employers.

So, if you need advanced features and monitoring solutions, opt for the best — mSpy tracking app for Android! While being impressively functional and efficient, it is available at a very reasonable price. Before you install any free Android tracker app on the target device, ensure it has all necessary features you need.

How to choose the best spyware for Android and iPhone

Cell phone spyware is a tool that allows parents to keep tabs on their kids whenever they are. While there are a lot of phone tracking apps on the market, to choose the best spyware, it is a challenging task. Let’s consider some qualities the best tracking device app should contain:

  1. Simple in use — Best tracking app should be convenient in use and have a simple user interface (UI).
  2. Fast installation — The best cell phone tracking app doesn’t cause any difficulties to install and set up. Also, it should not have errors and bugs.
  3. Features — Ideal tracking software should have a full-packed number of monitoring features and provide a restriction option (for blocking apps, websites, contacts).
  4. Control Effectiveness — Best tracking app should provide easy access to monitored data and give parents complete administrative control.
  5. Customer Support — The best tracking app has 24/7 customer support and a variety of available options: support via phone calls, live chat, emails, and other options.

Considering all these 5 options, mSpy is the best tracking phone app. It is simple in use, has an advanced number of monitoring features and mSpy customer support works around the clock.

Advantages of mSpy best phone tracker app

Purchasing phone tracker app you receive a range of benefits that will make your parenting much simpler and comfortable. So what are the benefits of tracking a phone of your kid with mSpy? Here are the main ones:

  1. Stay in the know — With mSpy you are aware of every activity taking place on your kid’s device. Whether it is a call or text, you will be able to know with whom your kid communicates. Also, you can check what sites your kid visits and what apps uses.
  2. Minimize the risks — With mSpy you receive peace of mind that your kid is not involved in cyberbullying, communication with online predators, fraud or other online dangers. Also, you can prevent early exposure to adult or violent content.
  3. Forearmed is forewarned — With mSpy you can stay ahead of any online danger simply tracking a cell phone of your juvenile. So even when you are not with your kid, you can check what they are up to from your mSpy Control Panel.

How to track a cell phone with mSpy

To start tracking a cell phone of your kid has never been easier if you have the mSpy phone tracking app. Here is a short guide on how to do it:

Firstly, you need to purchase the required subscription:

  1. Open the https://www.mspy.com/ and go to the Buy Now page;
  2. Select the package that complies with your demands the most;
  3. Fill in the checkout form, choose a payment method and submit your order.

Secondly, you need to install the app and set it up. This step is not time-consuming and doesn’t require special qualification.

  1. Check your email and find a welcome letter from our team. There you will find a direct link to mSpy Control Panel and your credentials (login and password);
  2. Log in to your account and comply with the installation instructions;

Note! Some mSpy features require rooting/jailbreak. In case you have any questions concerning our product or need the assistance, you can always contact our Customer Support team available 24/7.

Thirdly, log in to your mSpy account for tracking a cell phone of your kid. GPS locations, text messages, call logs, and other features will be available for you. Note! The number of available features depends on the subscription package you choose.

mSpy makes customers happy

  • Being a single father of two teenagers, I tend to worry a lot. However, since I started using mSpy, I no longer have sleepless nights wondering if they are out with friends or at the movies when they should be safe at home. Now that I’m able to monitor their location and texting activity with this software, I can finally rest easy. Thank you mSpy!

  • Such a helpful app! I was witnessing my daughter began to withdraw without knowing why. After installing mSpy, I was shocked to find that a bully from school was tormenting her on social media. I am so grateful to this software for helping me find out what has been troubling my child.

Fonctionnalités de mSpy : un service client incomparable

En plus des nombreuses fonctionnalités offertes par le logiciel espion, et en plus de la facilité d’installation de l’application, mSpy bichonne ses clients. Les développeurs de mSpy ont à cœur de satisfaire leur clientèle, et on peut dire qu’ils ont réussi puisque 95 % des utilisateurs se disent satisfaits par ce logiciel d’espionnage téléphonique. Alors, quel est le secret de mSpy pour remporter tous les suffrages ? Et bien, si on met à part ce service d’espionnage à distance pour téléphones portables incomparable, nous dirions qu’il s’agit de son service client hors pair ! mSpy vous propose:

  • Une période d’essai: vous voulez tester le produit avant de l’acheter ? C’est tout à fait normal, et mSpy vous propose de tester sa version d’essai gratuitement pendant 7 jours. Au bout des 7 jours, libre à vous de vous abonner ou non.
  • Un délai de rétractation: la loi française prévoit un délai légal de 14 jours pour vous rétracter après achat et vous faire rembourser les sommes versées. MSpy étant une entreprise soucieuse des lois, elle vous offre également cette possibilité si vous veniez à changer d’avis.
  • Un service client disponible 24h/24: vous voulez plus de précisions avant achat ? Vous rencontrez un souci lors de l’installation ? Ou l’installation s’est alors bien passée, mais vous constatez un problème lors de l’espionnage ? Vous ne recevez pas les rapports d’espionnage aussi souvent que demandé ? Pour toute question, vous pouvez vous adresser au service client de mSpy disponible 7j/7, 24h/24 pour répondre à vos besoins. Les conseillers mSpy se feront un plaisir de vous aider à n’importe quelle heure du jour ou de la nuit, par téléphone, e-mail ou via un chat en direct. Gardez simplement à l’esprit que si vous contactez le service client à 2h du matin, la personne qui vous répondra ne sera peut-être pas basée en France à cause du décalage horaire, et qu’il vous faudra peut-être expliquer votre problème une ou deux fois pour qu’il soit bien compris. Mais une fois votre problème expliqué, votre conseiller mettra tout en œuvre pour vous aider aussi efficacement que possible.
  • Une possibilité de remboursement: vous rencontrez des problèmes dont vous n’êtes pas à l’origine, et même le centre d’assistance mSpy n’arrive pas à le régler ? Si tel est le cas, vous pouvez avoir droit à un remboursement intégral des sommes versées à mSpy.

Comme vous le voyez, mSpy est un logiciel pour espionner les téléphones qui se veut 100 % transparent avec ses clients. Vous pouvez foncer les yeux fermés car vous avez entre les mains le meilleur logiciel espion pour vous assurer un contrôle parental téléphonique complet.

Why Is mSpy™ the Best Tracking App?

It’s no wonder that the demand for parental mobile phone tracking apps has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. As the situation with cyberbullying hits an all-time low, more parents are taking matters into their own hands and are getting armed with parental control tracking apps. Their functionality allows you to keep an eye on your child’s online activities without being too nagging or pressing about it. You can also choose to what extent you want to use the app’s features to not invade their personal life too much, which is a win-win situation for both sides.

However, with such a vast pool of available software, it is quite a tricky task to find the one that will satisfy all your needs while also being merciful on your wallet. You should steer clear of all the loud and flashy advertisements that signal you about the “efficient hacking” that will help you to break into anyone’s phone in a few minutes. Those are mostly gimmicks and will do more harm than good. Look for trustworthy software like mSpy that has a great reputation and offers a good balance between the price and the provided functionality.

mSpy is considered to be one of the best phone tracker apps on the market by millions of users worldwide, and here’s why:

Remote Monitoring & Easy Installation

mSpy is the easiest way to get remote access to someone’s cell phone activities. After a simple installation process that takes less than 15 minutes, you will be able to remotely monitor everything that is happening on your child’s device.

Ensures the Online Safety of Your Son or Daughter

Our accurate phone tracker allows you to see all online searches on the device as well as chat and call logs. You can also view the location of the device and set map restrictions for the areas you don’t want your kids visiting. If the device is tracked in the restricted area, you will receive alert notifications. This allows you to track your underage child’s phone without them knowing. They can lie about their location but their phone can’t!

Keeps You Updated on Your Family’s Whereabouts

While being designed for parental control, mSpy can also be a useful all-family tracker app. Worried about your loved one that has to go abroad? Or about your senior family members, who can wander off and get lost? mSpy can help you put your mind at ease! Get our Family Kit to track up to 3 devices at the same time.

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